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Can migraine lead to brain tumor

The doctor could also request for a biopsy to be done to see whether the tumor could be a cancer. Some seizures may cause a person to sit still and stare into space, not seeing his surroundings. They are not debilitating, but they can cause enough discomfort that will slow people down. The symptoms of… Read More »

Where to rub for a migraine

Here are some tips to encourage sound sleep. Prognosis Most people who develop migraines will continue to have intermittent headaches over many years. Many people are very surprised to discover that sinus medications and treatments relieve their migraine pain. A migraine is a primary headache. What clinical clues differentiate migraine from sinus headaches? Sinus where… Read More »

How long can migraine effects last

Along with their useful effects, most medicines can cause unwanted side-effects although not everyone experiences them. Do not take more than how long can migraine effects last tablets in 24 hours. Caffeine itself can be a treatment for acute migraine attacks. Sometimes this is broken into two stages, prodromal, and aura. Your doctor will advise… Read More »

When to use migraine prophylaxis

Type benign headache. Chronic impact of topiramate on acid, which from the perspective of the GP was also not based on the impact of migraine alone. Based on the doctor’to prescriptions, the device fits across the prophylaxis and over the ears and stimulates migraine trigeminal nerve with a self, botox was found to reduce the… Read More »