How acidic is green tea compared to coffee

By | July 4, 2020

how acidic is green tea compared to coffee

Acidity is determined by the pH scale. Neutral is around 7 and anything under a pH of 4 is considered very acidic. Most teas are mildly acidic, but some tests show that certain teas may be as low as 3. If you’re a tea lover, you may wonder if this means your cup of tea is hurting your teeth. Read on to learn which types are the most acidic and the best ways to protect your teeth while still enjoying your cup of tea. But a Turkish study did discover that fruit teas, which tend to be sweet, are more acidic than herbal tea. Black and green tea is usually less acidic than coffee.

Variety, leaf preparation and method of brewing are variables. Though it is a low percentage it can play an of milk can also balance the drink and help the. When drinking a cup of tea, adding a few teaspoons important role in your fat burning process. Measurements of the pH of coffee tea range between 5.

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