Maren Tschinkel: Exceptionally talented Miss Earth Germany talks about her workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets

By | March 13, 2021
Maren Tschinkel
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Maren Tschinkel is a German international model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned as Miss Earth Germany 2018. She represented Germany in the Miss Earth 2018 international pageant. She also won World next Top model 2018, WBO Germany 2017, and Miss Photogenic 2017.

She was born in Ravensburg, Germany. She started modeling after graduating from high school. She is an international model and represents different agencies. She is currently taking up Economics at the University of Augsburg. She was on the cover of Maxim New Zealand July 2020.

Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar catches up with Maren Tschinkel, exceptionally talented Miss Earth Germany who talks about her workout, diet and beauty secrets.

Namita Nayyar:

You were born in Ravensburg, Germany, and have started doing modeling assignments after completing your high school education. Your modeling career was propelled to the height where you have been at the top of the world of fashion and glamour modeling after winning the Miss Earth Germany 2018. Tell us something about this fairy tale journey?

Maren Tschinkel:

After I participated in Miss Earth as Miss Germany I got a lot of modeling agencies and fashion clients who wanted to work with me. From there everything started and today I work international for many famous brands and magazines.

Namita Nayyar:

You won Miss Earth Germany 2018, World next Top model 2018, WBO Germany 2017, and Miss Photogenic 2017. Tell us how winning so many beauty pageants have motivated you to seek higher achievements in your spectacular career as a supermodel?

Maren Tschinkel
Credits: Photographer: Markus Fischer

Maren Tschinkel:

By winning each of these competitions I gained more knowledge about modeling also I got a lot more contacts, agencies and clients who were reaching out to me.

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For winning a beauty pageant it takes more than just being beautiful! You have to be intelligent and show that there is a lot more behind you!

Namita Nayyar:

You are Germany’s leading media personality, supermodel, winner of the beauty pageant, fitness trainer, and a brand ambassador. How do you manage such a remarkable multi-dimensional lifestyle?

Maren Tschinkel:

Normally I travel a lot for modeling but at the moment I am more in Europe since the borders are closed of Corona.

I really work a lot and from everywhere! I think all ambassadors know that instagram is almost a 24/7 job!

Beside this sport is my greatest passion and something I do every day no matter where I am. I used to give fitness courses for a long time when I wasn’t traveling that much internationally. At the moment I try to incorporate this more into my life again.

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