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Covid-19 infections among students have already caused some colleges to change their plans

Per capita, Georgia has reported the most cases per day over a seven-day average of any state, followed by Texas and Florida. The states are led by governors who pushed to reopen during the spring, saw major summer surges of cases and are currently pushing to reopen schools. Texas has issued a mandate requiring face… Read More »

What diseases are caused by poor diet

Are you skipping this important health habit? Even just a slight fracture in these areas can result in loss of independence. Kate Eller was a regional director of public affairs and marketing operations for Advocate Health Care. With our new LiveWell with Advocate Aurora Health mobile app, you can manage health and wellness for yourself… Read More »

Why was the great depression caused

Which led to a decrease in spending, the economic down turn that occurred in 1929 was know as the great depression. Few historians deny that the Great Depression played a key role in bringing Hilter to power in Germany – hoover signed the bill although economists protested. And signed into law by President Hoover, some… Read More »

Can acid reflux be caused by allergies

Separate from food allergies, seasonal allergies can also play a role in exacerbating the symptoms of acid reflux. These medications can help many people deal with their allergies without any further treatments. You don’t want to trade one reflux trigger for another. Recent studies by ENT doctors have better defined the association between rhinitis and… Read More »