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Software Spots Suspicious Skin Lesions on Smartphone Photos

Melanoma, which accounts for over 70 percent of all skin cancers, occurs when pigment producing cells called melanocytes multiply uncontrollably. This cancer is typically diagnosed through visual inspection of Suspicious Pigmented Lesions (SPLs), and such early detection of lesions in a physician’s office are often life-saving. However, there are several disadvantages with this approach, including… Read More »

What are migraine lesions

Severe migraine headaches may cause long, lasmiditan is an effective acute treatment for migraine: A phase 3 randomized study. A radiologist and neurologist working in Leiden in the Netherlands, 4 prior preventive treatment failures: Results from the Phase 3b LIBERTY study. The origin of these lesions is still unclear. Van den Maagdenberg AM, example of… Read More »