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Perimenopausal Depression in Women with More Variable Levels of Estradiol and Lower Progesterone Levels

Women are at increased risk for depressive symptoms during the menopause transition.  It has long been suspected that falling estrogen levels play a role in triggering the onset of depression; however, if all women experience declining levels of estrogen and progesterone during this transition, why is it that only some women suffer from depression in… Read More »

Does tramadol lower seizure threshold

I am sorry for your stress and the subsequent pain and issues caused from your stress. Clozapine Clozapine is an antipsychotic medication used to treat patients with schizophrenia and related conditions known as schizoaffective disorders. Withdrawal of the serotoninergic medicinal products usually brings about a rapid improvement. There for you” are trademarks of Care. Tramadol… Read More »

How to lower of high blood pressure

If you do get side effects, there may be no single cause for their high blood pressure. Lowering your blood pressure starts with lifestyle changes, you can start lowering blood pressure today by eating more healthily and being more active. If you’re taking medication and your blood pressure isn’t too high, you can return to the… Read More »