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Number of LGV cases among gay men in England reach new highs and most cases among men who are HIV-negative

Diagnoses of the sexually transmitted infection lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) in England reached record levels in 2019, with almost all cases involving gay and bisexual men. The data is set out in a report published by Public Health England and shows that the number of diagnoses increased steadily from 2017, reaching a peak in the second… Read More »

Number of coronavirus cases in Australia

The number of coronavirus cases in Australia continues to climb, fuelled by double-digit growth in Victoria in the last fortnight. Australia has recorded a total 7834 cases of COVID-19, with 3189 in New South Wales, 2159 in Victoria, 1067 in Queensland, 443 in South Australia, 611 in Western Australia, 228 in Tasmania, 108 in the… Read More »