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People with NNRTI resistance have poorer responses to dolutegravir, South African study finds

People with HIV who already have resistance to a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) when they start first-line antiretroviral treatment containing the integrase inhibitor dolutegravir were less likely to achieve viral suppression, a large clinical trial in South Africa has reported. NNRTI resistance has not been shown to affect responses to dolutegravir-based treatment previously. The… Read More »

Almost one in ten HIV PrEP users report buying antibiotics for STI prevention, raising concerns over potential antibiotic resistance

An online community survey conducted in the UK shows that 9% of HIV PrEP users are buying antibiotics to prevent themselves from getting STIs. The survey results from 2019 were published in last month in the Sexually Transmitted Infections journal. Those buying antibiotics were more likely to have had at least five condomless sexual partners… Read More »

Scientists warn UK Government to prepare for ‘visible resistance’ to future lockdowns

People WON’T obey lockdown again: SAGE files reveal scientists warned UK Government to prepare for ‘visible resistance’ to future rule changes and show a THIRD of the public still don’t know the symptoms of Covid-19 Behavioural experts warn of ‘various responses’ to future lockdown measures People no longer fear the coronavirus as much and disagree… Read More »

When is antibacterial resistance

Just four years after the drug started being mass, through improvement of existing antibiotics and acceleration of the entry of new antibiotic drugs. The protozoan parasites that cause the diseases malaria — the WHO call antibiotic resistance ‘one of the biggest threats to global health. Tetracycline has been found in remains dating from the late… Read More »

How antibiotics resistance develops

Cases of drug-resistant gonorrhea have started to occur. Q: How do bacteria become resistant to antibiotics? Medically reviewed by Daniel Murrell, M. Refer to the session Antibiotic Stewardship for strategies to support the judicious use of antibiotics. Insisting on getting antibiotics from the doctor to treat a cold or the flu. Notice, again, that the information… Read More »