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Myanmar turmoil deepens as clashes spread

When army trucks arrived at Depayin around dawn last Friday, local youths assembled to fight back but were quickly overwhelmed, six residents told Reuters by telephone. Dozens of people were killed afterwards by the soldiers and thousands have since fled with whatever they could carry, the residents said. The state-run Global New Light of Myanmar… Read More »

Test and Trace error fuelled Indian variant’s spread in hotspot Blackburn

Test and Trace error ‘fuelled Indian variant’s spread in hotspot Blackburn’: Technical glitch in £37billion system meant hundreds of close contacts were not reached as strain gained foothold in UK Centralised system failed to notify local contact tracers of 164 positive cases Close contacts weren’t reached in timely manner, potentially fuelling spread The Indian strain… Read More »

Scientists discover way to stop spread of devastating childhood cancer

Researchers at the University of East Anglia and University of Manchester have made an important breakthrough that could lead to ‘kinder’ treatments for children with bone cancer, and save lives. Current treatment is gruelling, with outdated chemotherapy cocktails and limb amputation. But despite all of this, the five-year survival rate is poor at just 42 per… Read More »

Children May Silently Spread COVID-19

Kids can get the coronavirus too, but what parents may not know is that children are more contagious despite having mild or no symptoms, according to a recent study by Massachusetts General Hospital. For the investigation, researchers looked at 192 children between ages 0 and 22. Of these individuals, 49 tested positive for the coronavirus,… Read More »