New Industry Research reveals case studies for Industrial IoT networks

By | March 11, 2023

Beaverton, US, 10 March 2023: technology helps industrial networks overcome traditional digitalization challenges by ensuring reliable connectivity and maintaining the functionality of existing infrastructure, according to new Industry Research released by HomeGrid Forum today.

HomeGrid Forum’s IIoT Task Force Members have published a new industry research document called ‘ Industrial IoT Use Cases White Paper’ which was developed in response to the proliferation of digital technology, and the presence of well-known challenges in connecting an ever-growing number of devices through traditional methods.

The Chair of HomeGrid Forum’s, Industrial IoT Task Force Chair, and Head of Research & Development at Teleconnect, Philipp Rietzsch said, “ offers not only a solution to overcome the challenges of digitalization, but also eases and accelerates the digital transition by filling the gap between old and new technologies.”

Thanks to its ability to connect devices and operate efficiently with multiple types of networks over any wire such as coax, phone lines, powerlines, and optical fiber, is not only a fast alternative but also a reliable backbone for other technologies and networks. The white paper explains how this makes it perfectly suited to supporting the automation of buildings, cities and factories through use case examples including smart lifts, smart lighting and entrance guard systems.

The white paper also provides an overview of technology and also explains how the standard has evolved via periodic updates and clarifications based on feedback from the industry. The standard is currently being amended to ensure it can deliver data rates up to 10 Gbps.

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HomeGrid Forum President, Livia Rosu added, “ technology was chosen to address an increasingly wider range of industrial use cases. provides secure, low latency, high speed, real-time connectivity, especially critical for access and industrial applications where new cables and infrastructure can be otherwise challenging to install such as buildings and cities automation as well as factories automation. The White Paper reveals innovative solutions that contribute to a fully digitalized industrial world”.

The White Paper Industrial IoT Use Cases can be downloaded here:

Supporting Industry Quotes

Tom Barnett, LUMEN Director Strategic Innovation and Vice President of the HomeGrid Forum, highlighted: “LUMEN has successfully tested components that operate with industrial control solutions via the power bus. The use of coax cabling is considered an advantage since it reduces the need for conduit because of its survivability in harsh environments. We can also run on the power bus of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and DIN Rail equipment is an extremely unique aspect for These three-phase industrial solutions include immunity to Electro-Static Discharge (ESD), immunity to fast transient impulse groups, surge protection, and anti-vibration; all key requirements for use in industrial environments.”

Dr. Len Dauphinee, Vice President and CTO of Broadband Products at MaxLinear added: “ is well-suited for a range of industrial IoT networks including smart lighting control, smart elevators, smart traffic lights, charging stations, industrial plants, airport navigation systems, and fire alarms among others. Proving suitable in both brownfield and greenfield scenarios, the use of means the functionality of existing installations can be easily extended, allowing to reliably transport multi-gigabit-per-second IP data on any existing wire”.

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