Changing the Food System From the Bottom Up

The video above features an interview with return guest Ashley Armstrong, a certified personal trainer with a Ph.D., MS and BS in engineering, and cofounder of Angel Acres Egg Co., which specializes in low-PUFA (polyunsaturated fat) eggs. On average, her eggs contain 17 to 20 milligrams of linoleic acid (LA), which is about one-quarter of… Read More »

Have You Tried Curcumin for Indigestion?

Curcumin is the major biologically active polyphenolic compound of turmeric and the compound that gives the spice its yellow color. A 2023 study1 published in the BMJ Journal finds that curcumin has yet another health benefit — it helps improve outcomes in people with functional dyspepsia. In the past decade, researchers have discovered several health… Read More »

Reductive Stress — The Hidden Culprit of Chronic Disease

In this interview, Brad Marshall explains how reductive stress works, and why it’s so bad for your health. Understanding reductive stress is an important topic because it’s fundamental to optimizing your biology. It’s a fundamental biological principle that is not widely appreciated or even understood, as it contradicts almost everything we’ve been taught about biology.… Read More »