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Plant-Based Ultraprocessed Foods Linked With Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Veggie burgers, plant-based sausages and meatless nuggets are touted as environmentally friendly health foods, but research published in The Lancet Regional Health Europe shows these and other plant-based ultraprocessed foods increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.1 The findings challenge the perception that meatless convenience foods are good for you, instead highlighting the fact that ultraprocessed… Read More »

Higher rates of non-communicable diseases contribute to persisting mortality in people with HIV

A Danish study with data on people diagnosed with HIV between 1985 and 2017 shows dramatic declines in death rates over the course of the HIV epidemic. In the years since 2006, the mortality of people living with HIV who survived their first two years after HIV diagnosis was close to that of the general… Read More »

Why is anxiety higher before period

Went to my GP a couple of years ago with symptoms of tiredness, irritability, lack of concentration, light headedness, depression and he put me on Norethisterone which is like a mini-pill. What To Do If You’re Suffering From PMDDPMDD is an absolutely miserable condition, but there are multiple treatment options that can help you keep… Read More »