Bayer’s Modified Soil Microbes Could Trigger a Genetically Engineered Doomsday

Bayer’s modified soil microbes could trigger a genetically engineered doomsday for agriculture. Is that what Bayer wants? If you don’t like the toxic pollution from industrial agriculture’s synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides, Bayer and its partner Ginkgo Bioworks have a solution for you. They say they’re going to swap out some of the old fossil-fuel-based… Read More »

Apparent Coverup by the FBI and CDC of a Threat to National Security

A recent investigation conducted by the House Select Committee on the CCP uncovered new details about a secret Chinese biolab containing dangerous pathogens that operated in Reedley, California. Disturbing new details exposed by this investigation include: the ability of the lab operator – who was a wanted fugitive – to acquire dangerous pathogens without raising… Read More »

Study Proves COVID Shots Can Cause Off-Target Immune Responses

Yet again, warnings from the earliest days of the COVID jab rollout prove prescient. In May 2021, I interviewed Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a senior research scientist at MIT for over five decades, about the likely hazards of replacing the uracil1 in the RNA used in the COVID shots with synthetic methylpseudouridine.2 This process of substituting… Read More »