An Olympic Medalist Shared How to Look Like a Pro When Shadowboxing

Unlike your average YouTube boxer, former Olympian Tony Jeffries brings a wealth of professional experience to the table. As a 7-time national champion and bronze medalist in the 2008 games with 106 pro fights under his belt, Jeffries has become well-versed in the nuances of training for a fight, including the subtle differences that separate… Read More »

Essential Reads: SBIRT for Women with Alcohol and Drug Use During Pregnancy

Critical to the wellbeing of pregnant women and their infants is universal screening for drug and alcohol use. This is an essential first step in identifying women with harmful substance use and connecting them with appropriate services.  Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment or SBIRT has been shown to be a quick and effective… Read More »

Reluctant to leave the house post-lockdown? You may be suffering from cave syndrome

In the spring of 2021, as much of the United States was beginning to emerge from lockdown, psychiatrist Dr Arthur Bregman started to notice a common theme among the patients at his Florida practice. Though many were fully vaccinated and rates of infection in the state were stabilising, a deep anxiety had set in. any… Read More »

Growing cyberattacks on hospitals may soon hit bottom lines, patient care: Fitch

Dive Brief: U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems have been under such relentless cyberattacks in recent months that it is beginning to be a threat to their bottom lines, according to a new report from Fitch Ratings. Fitch says the issue has become increasingly serious over the past 18 months, citing data from the firm Bitglass… Read More »

Making Keto Effective for Your Body

Every diet plan affects people differently depending on what body type the person has, and the keto diet is slowly becoming a household staple among dieticians and weight loss aficionados. Keto has shown to be consistently effective even though different people of varying body types have tried it. One of the best reasons it’s increasingly… Read More »

One new case in SA coronavirus cluster

South Australia has reported one new COVID-19 case in its latest outbreak and remains on track to end its lockdown on Tuesday. The new case is a man in his 60s who last weekend visited the Tenafeate Creek winery near One Tree Hill, north of Adelaide, which is now linked to nine infections. The SA… Read More »