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Busta Rhymes Just Showed Off His Abs in a New Weight Loss Transformation Photo

Busta Rhymes might be best known as a hip hop legend, but over on social media he has also become one of those accounts people follow for #fitnessgoals. The rapper regularly posts his workouts to Instagram, sharing updates on his weightlifting training and weight loss, as well as clips of workouts with his famous friends,… Read More »

Weight loss best food for diet

This is a list of 15 healthy foods that are for weight management. Leafy greens are also incredibly fiber could be especially for many diet, antioxidants weight minerals, including calcium, best has been shown to aid fat burning in some studies 6. Dairy products are food high in calcium, which may aid fat burning Green… Read More »

$1 Hearing Aid for Age-Related Hearing Loss

Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed an ultra low-cost hearing aid, for which all the components cost in total less than $ 1. Designed to be worn by people with age-related hearing loss, the technology provides much of the functionality of conventional hearing aids, but at a tiny fraction of the price. The device may… Read More »