Irish pharmacies encouraging men to speak up during International Men’s Health Week

By | June 15, 2020

This week is International Men’s Health Week, so the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) has encouraged men to visit their local pharmacy for practical advice on a range of topics from health issues to fitness and nutrition.

According to community pharmacist and IPU member Tomás Conefrey, “Men can often ignore concerns and miss signs of potentially serious healthcare problems.

“As part of International Men’s Health Week, we want to encourage men to speak up and seek advice when they need it.

“The COVID-19 crisis has been challenging for everyone in Ireland, men, and women.


“But it has also allowed many of us time to refocus on our wellbeing, introducing healthier work-life balances and understanding what is important in life.

“As we begin to emerge from the crisis, men should maintain this focus and act consciously to ‘restore the balance’ in ways that work for them.

“We would like men to know there is help available from your community pharmacy for any supports you might require.

“Local pharmacists can offer advice on topics including weight loss, how to quit smoking, and managing mental health issues.

“Pharmacists can also provide advice on how to better manage conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure.

“Too often, men look for excuses rather than solutions to the problems that challenge them.

“Pharmacy staff are well-positioned to talk to men about their health needs, explore possible options and, when necessary, suggest that they may need to seek further expert assistance.”


In Ireland, Men’s Health Week is coordinated by the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland.

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Information on Men’s Health Week is available at