Plexaderm Reviews 2021: Does It Work Or A Scam?

By | April 28, 2021


  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Non-harming ingredients
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Variety of products


  • Based in US
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Complementing products

Medical Benefits

  • Reduce the aging skin appearance 
  • Thickens fine lines
  • Eye bags and wrinkles remedy
  • Deals with crow’s feet

About The Brand

Are you starting to experience the signs of aging? – your eyes look horrible, and your facial skin becomes darker.

You started to ask yourself, “How can I fix these eye bags under my eyes? How will I be able to remove these dark circles and wrinkles?”

Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream PLUS comes to the rescue. How different is it from other skincare products? The answer is inside Plexaderm reviews.

What is plexaderm?

Plexaderm’s official name is Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream PLUS. Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream PLUS aims to be an anti-aging product specifically designed to reduce eye bags and wrinkles.

True Earth Health Products is the manufacturer of Plexaderm, located in Farmingdale, New York. The company’s SEO is Mr. Jonathan Greenhut. Their most popular product is Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum. However, they also offer other skincare-related products like cleansers and moisturizers suitable for all skin types.

Also, we found out that Sheer Science is a legit distributor of Plexaderm cosmetic products. So, if you buy one of their skincare products, you can directly go to


Like mentioned, beyond any reviews, Plexaderm is known to provide skincare products that can revitalize your aging skin. Its goal is to help you look many years younger. They claim that Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum can help you reduce crow’s feet, fine lines, eye bags, and wrinkles.

According to the company, the product can reduce the signs of aging in around 10 minutes after you apply it to your skin. Plexaderm is good to note their ingredients to know the efficacy and safety of their products. So, what is the science behind this? Is there a legit basis for everything?

How does plexaderm work: What science says

The Science of Skin

Before we dive into Plexaderm, here are some facts about our skin. Skin is the largest organ of our body[1]. It protects our internal organs from different environmental harmful substances like UV light and microbes. As the skin is located outside our body, it is where you can easily spot the signs of aging.

Many are not comfortable with skin aging. However, it is unpreventable as it is already part of aging. There are two factors behind this – internal and external[2]. Internal factors talk about genetic predisposition, while external factors talk about environmental substances.

Nevertheless, we can do something to minimize its visibility. For instance, Plexaderm products can be a great help. You can find a specific skincare product according to your skin type.

Do you wonder why we must mention the skin type? According to a clinical study[3], the speed of skin aging may vary from one person to another, and genetics influence it.

How Plexaderm works

As to how Plexaderm works’s reviews, varies from what product you are using. For instance, Rapid Reduction Serum’s goal is to reduce under-eye bags. It also serves as a temporary fix to wrinkles and lines, making everything smoother.

You only apply an amount of Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum to the areas you want to revitalize. Then, you only wait for a few minutes until it dries. By around 10 minutes, you will start to notice some improvements.

Plexaderm Ingredients Reviews 2021

Plexaderm contains several ingredients, but the main active ingredients include sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate. Both are types of silicate minerals present in shale clay.

Sodium silicate is commonly used in skincare and hair products like hair color, bathing products, shaving products, and soaps. It can also be found in detergents. Its primary goal is to balance every product’s pH levels.

Meanwhile, magnesium aluminum silicate is a purified clay. Its role is to act as a helpful agent in absorbing facial oil. Although it can irritate rabbits’ eyes, it is safe for humans.

When the power of these two ingredients combines, it creates a fantastic result. For instance, they act as an adhesive, pulling the fine lines together. The skin contraction causes a temporary effect when applied to under-eye bags and wrinkles. Also, it can create a lifting effect on your skin, letting it appear more intact. 

Aside from sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate, Plexaderm added more ingredients, especially Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum. This is to let the product be more effective and serve you better.

One of these ingredients is the cellulose gum. It is a great complement to sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate. Cellulose gum is a thickening agent, helping the shale clay substances’ efficacy.

Another ingredient is acetyl hexapeptide-8. It is a synthetically derived peptide known to serve as an anti-wrinkling agent. Like magnesium aluminum silicate, acetyl hexapeptide-8 is common in most skincare and other cosmetic products.

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Other ingredients worth-mentioning are phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin. Both serve as a healthy preservative of the product. However, they also have specific differences.

For instance, ethylhexylglycerin can be found in green tea and is processed inside the laboratory. The substance contains antimicrobial properties, helping you combat bacteria. On the other hand, phenoxyethanol works as a skin conditioning agent. It helps the skin become smoother and moist.

Plexaderm also includes hydrolyzed rice protein. Inside are hyaluronic acid (natural glycosaminoglycan) and amino acids. This helps reduce eye puffiness or under-eye bags. For instance, hyaluronic acid is good or filling gaps between collagen and elastin, hydrating your skin.

Lastly, we have Yellow 5 (CI 19140) and Red 40 (CI 16035). These are coloring ingredients that make the product distinguishable from other brands. Of course, water (Aqua) prevents skin from becoming dry.

How effective is the formula? A clinical study used the VISIA Complexion Analysis to test the product’s efficacy. Results showed that the formula has around 80% efficacy!

Ingredients summary

Plexaderm active ingredients include water (aqua), sodium silicate, magnesium aluminum silicate, cellulose gum, acetyl hexapeptide-8, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, and hydrolyzed rice protein. To add color to the product, Plexaderm adds Yellow 5 (CI 19140) and Red 40 (CI 16035).

Health Benefits of Plexaderm

Upon reviewing the ingredients in Plexaderm and some supporting studies, we learn that their products, especially the Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum, have the following benefits stated in the below reviews.

Reduces Wrinkles

Shale clay minerals in Plexaderm (sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate) perform well, especially when combined with cellulose gum. The three ingredients thicken the skin and at the same time, flatten it. Also, their water-binding properties help your skin maintain its moisture. The result is reduced wrinkles.

Reduces Under-Eye Bags

As for under-eye Bags, Plexaderm acts in the same manner. It can eliminate puffiness and dark circles behind your eyes through its moisturizing properties.

Serves as an anti-aging

Overall, the primary benefit of Plexaderm is to reduce the visibility of the aging skin. It helps reduce under-eye bags and wrinkles. Furthermore, it keeps your skin moist, preventing skin cracks.

Potential Side Effects

We want to send our compliments to Plexaderm because there are no harmful side effects. However, some skin types may have particular sensitivities. Thus, it is essential to watch out for it.

Since ingredients in Plexaderm contain potential irritants, there is a small chance that you may experience irritation on your skin. We say a “small chance” because such ingredients are safe for most humans.

Top Alternatives To Plexaderm

Plexaderm offers a high-quality anti-aging product, letting your under-eye bags and wrinkles become less noticeable. However, some of you may have a tight budget. If that is your case, we can recommend the Gundry MD Dark Spot Diminisher as an alternative.

Dr. Gundry MD formulated the Dark Spot Diminisher. According to him, it contains polyphenols to improve your skin’s fine lines further. You must apply it to your skin twice per day for higher efficacy.

Another alternative is Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Eye. Like Plexaderm, it also includes sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate in its ingredients. You can use it as an eye cream. Upon using the product, it is expected to make your under-eye bags and wrinkles vanish.

Aside from the sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate, the formula also contains vitamin C, E, and B. All are good moisturizers for your skin.

Product’s Pros & Cons

All products have their pros and cons. In the case of Plexaderm, many customers state reviews that they find more advantages than disadvantages.


  • Fast and effective
  • Online Plexaderm review is available anywhere
  • The brand states a clear disclaimer


  • Prices are somewhat expensive than other brands

Plexaderm Reviews: Scam or Legit?

The primary reason why many customers do not buy products right away because they fear that it is just a waste of money. However, Plexaderm is different. Based on Plexaderm customer reviews, the company does not waste your money. For them, Plexaderm works as they expect. 

Yet, all brands have negative customer reviews. Nevertheless, it should not be taken against them. Indeed, the company acknowledges that Plexaderm results may vary from one person to another.

However, some sellers may try to sell you a counterfeit product. To avoid this always buy Plexaderm from a legit website.

Plexaderm Reviews: What real users say?

Part of the official description of Plexaderm states,

“Plexaderm smoothens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, visibly firms and refines skin texture, and minimizes visible pore size.”

Yet, does Plexaderm work as expected as in their reviews?

According to Gordon, one of the many satisfied Plexaderm customers, Plexaderm products are truly and miraculously effective. Below is his exact customer Plexaderm reviews statement.

“I lost a considerable amount of weight as the result of dieting. Because of the weight loss, I developed bags under my eyes. My skin was sagging under my eyes, and I had bags. I did not want to be seen in public. I looked like I had been out partying for a week straight.

I saw your advertisement for Plexaderm. I ordered the product and applied it immediately after I received it. This product is a miracle; I cannot tell you how magical this product works. For the first time in 8 weeks, I could go out in public and not feel embarrassed. All my sagging skin and puffiness disappeared. I am so happy I found this product. It is a true miracle. So many products we buy do not live up to the hype. But Plexaderm is even better than advertised.”


Despite many positive reviews, some are still hesitant about Plexaderm. Some however took courage and started using Plexaderm. Eventually, they started agreeing and posting their own Plexaderm reviews.

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One of them is Cindy. She is another satisfied customer to say,

“I’ve seen an ad on T.V. showing a male model applying Plexaderm under his eyes to remove bags. Since I have horrible bags that are due to hereditary and age (I am 54) I thought maybe I would try it before I make an appointment for injections. Then I thought … no this is just another gimmick. Well after about 2 weeks of constantly seeing the ad for Plexaderm, I thought I do not have anything to lose since it is a Money-Back Guarantee… So, I ordered a bottle. I must admit it took me a couple of days to even open the box since I already prepared myself to be disappointed.”


She added,

“Well was I wrong! I love this … I must use Plexaderm every day. I could not believe how it diminished my bags and no wrinkles! It makes me look so refreshed and wide awake. The first time I used it my Mom said, “looks like you got a good night’s sleep” … (I was not going to share my secret but I did) Now she is ordering a bottle. I find after I apply a small amount of Plexaderm under my eyes I tilt my head back slightly and use my hairdryer to speed up the drying time. (It takes less than a minute).”


Where to buy Plexaderm?

The best way to purchase Plexaderm is going to their official website ( From there, you can find Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum and other products, which you can use in your skincare routine. Alternatively, you can also purchase Plexaderm products at the Sheer Science website. Just type in in your browser and search for Plexaderm.

The Rapid Reduction Serum is also available in some popular retailer sites like Amazon and eBay. However, we would not recommend buying from them. Sometimes Plexaderm is sold by unauthorized individuals, and the company has no way to check if it is the original product or not.

If you still decide to buy on such websites, we recommend you check the seller. They should be an authorized distributor. Otherwise, you will be more likely to get scammed.

Buying Plexaderm: Package Options

Most Plexaderm products are available as one bottle or two bottles per pack. However, you can purchase Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum in six bottle packs. If you choose this option, you will surely save a lot.

Buying Plexaderm: Money Back Guarantee

Plexaderm offers satisfaction guarantees through their refund policy. You can return all Plexaderm products within 30 days and get a full refund. This applies to used and unused, or opened and unopened products. However, note that the 30-day money-back guarantee does not include the shipping and processing cost.

Also, you should send any product you want to return to their official distribution centre, the Sheer Science. You must include your full name, order confirmation number, and reason for such a request. If you fail to comply with these requirements, you will not be eligible for a refund. Otherwise, you will receive your money through the payment method you used upon purchasing.

If you have more questions or clarification, their customer care service is open for addressal. You can contact them via their email address ([email protected]) or phone (800-681-0366).

How to take Plexaderm

To avoid possible side effects or unexpected skin reactions, you must take Plexaderm with proper care and caution. Thus, we prepared a small user’s guide, hoping that this will help you have effective skin care therapies.

First, ensure that your skin is clean. Wash your face to remove all the dirt and facial oil. Ensure that there is no more makeup leftover.

After washing and cleaning your face, be sure to make it dry before you apply any Plexaderm product. That way, you will give Plexaderm room to maximize its effectiveness.

Afterwards, you are ready to apply the cream. When applying, use upward and outward strokes. You can simply use your fingers when spreading the cream over fine lines, under-eye bags, and wrinkles.

Be sure not to touch the inside of your eyes. Plexaderm may potentially cause eye irritation. However, simply lightly wash your eyes with cold water, in case of contact.

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Evenly spread the cream throughout the area to which you want to apply the product. If you use too much, you will notice a white residue on your skin. To solve such problems, simply take a damp cloth and slowly remove the excess cream.

Next, wait from 10-15 minutes to see the results. Do not let your facial muscles move as much as you can. Muscle movements may cause a delayed result.

If you do not see any results within 10-15 minutes, you can reapply Plexaderm to the same area. Only do this if necessary. Overusing the product may make your skin appear unnatural.

Plexaderm’s Other products

Rapid Reduction Serum is Plexaderm’s most popular product, as mentioned in our introduction. However, this does not mean there are no other skincare products and given below are the overviews of the brand’s additional products.

Reset and Replenish Pads

Reset and Replenish Pads is a good partner for Rapid Reduction Serum. These are pads used to remove dirt, leftover makeup, and oil from your skin before applying skincare products. Each pad not only removes unwanted facial substances but also helps moisturize your skin.

Plex Perfect Daily Moisturizer

Plexaderm made the Plex Perfect Daily Moisturizer as a helping product for the Rapid Reduction Serum. It can hydrate your skin without affecting the skin-tightening effects of the Serum.

Dark Spot Fade Gel

The Plexaderm Dark Spot Fade Gel is slightly different from the product mentioned above. Although good for treating dark spots, it also focuses on hyperpigmentation. Moreover, it deals with skin discoloration and other skin aging-related symptoms through MCT Oil, hydroquinone, Azelaic acid, and Kojic acid.

Hyaluronic Moisturizer

The Hyaluronic Moisturizer is another product that works best with the Rapid Reduction Serum. As the name suggests, this formula is mainly composed of hyaluronic acid whose goal is to boost skin hydration. This is often used 20 minutes before applying Rapid Reduction Serum.

Peppermint Exfoliating Cleanser

The Peppermint Exfoliating Cleanser was designed for soothing and calming the skin, removing substances like dirt oil, makeup, and similar substances. The good thing about it is that you can use it daily, and it works for any skin type.

Night-Time Collagen Serum

The Night-Time Collagen Serum is similar to Rapid Reduction Serum. However, its focus is boosting collagen levels. We know that our collagen levels decrease as we age, resulting in lesser skin elasticity. If that is your case, you can include Night-Time Collagen Serum in your skincare routine. The formula will reduce fine lines and wrinkles’ visibility, making you appear many years younger.


Plexaderm describes Elasta-Red as “an antioxidant powerhouse of a nutritional supplement”. It aims to support your body’s natural ability to produce collagen. Also, antioxidants included in the formula help fight free radicals in your skin.

Triple Action Vitamin C Serum

The Triple Action Vitamin C Serum is another excellent formula that everyone can use daily. Its primary benefits are making your skin smooth and bright. It contains a vitamin C blend and hyaluronic acid. Such combination results in healthier skin, promoting skin elasticity.

Final thought: Does plexaderm work?

Will using Plexaderm help me? This Plexaderm review has shown that Plexaderm products work. Although Rapid Reduction Serum’s results are temporary, the brand still gets many customer reviews giving them five stars.

According to several Plexaderm reviews, most users experienced improved appearance, making them look younger. If we are to suggest, we recommend that you buy and use Plexaderm from their official website or the distributor’s website. We would not recommend buying from Amazon, Ebay, and other third-party eCommerce platforms because some sellers may scam you. Also, buying directly from Plexaderm will let you save money, and you will also get qualified for a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Plexaderm last?

Plexaderm’s Rapid Reduction Serum does not last very long. Its effects on your skin typically last for ten hours.

Is Plexaderm safe?

Yes, Plexaderm is generally safe to use. Just follow the guidelines and precautions to avoid possible problems.

What is Plexaderm?

Plexaderm is a brand that sells anti-aging and skincare products to reduce the visibility of signs of aging like under-eye bags and wrinkles. Their most popular product is Rapid Reduction Serum. Their manufacturer is True Earth Health Products.

Will I experience sudden change as soon as I use Plexaderm?

No, you will not. Instead, you have to wait about 10-15 minutes before you can experience the effects of Plexaderm products.

Will it help fix dark circles under my eyes?

Yes, Plexaderm helps reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, heavy under-eye bags, wrinkles, and even crow’s feet.

Doe  Plexaderm offer free shipping?

Yes, Plexaderm offers free shipping for new customers. This is another way to save more money, especially if you are on a tight budget.