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Two different assessments of COVID-19 pandemic news coverage

June 24, 2021 Posted By Categories Gary Schwitzer is the founder and publisher of HealthNewsReview. He has covered health care news almost exclusively since 1973. Here is his online bio.  He tweets as @garyschwitzer or as @HealthNewsRevu. Two new journalistic analyses of 2020-2021 pandemic news coverage were released this week.  I was interviewed in each of them. Science… Read More »

Covid symptoms list must change as vaccinated show DIFFERENT signs of infection, prof says

The World Health Organization lists 13 symptoms of coronavirus, while the NHS lists three. The UK public are paying a heavy price for this discrepancy, warned Professor Tim Spector, co-founder of the ZOE Covid symptom study on Sky News. “We have been saying this for over a year now and it is disappointing that we… Read More »

How is ambien different from xanax

Ls Anxiety: I’ve taken xanax to help me sleep for several years. Ambien can cause sleepwalking and the type of mania and hypomania that are associated with bipolar, or manic-depressive, disorder. Xanax may also be Got it! Bridgewater, N. Email Address. Xajax any new or what to do yoga. There may be variations in confidential… Read More »

How do different diuretics work

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is no longer able to pump oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body efficiently. Polypill: Does it treat heart disease? Donate money to the BHF Your donations power our research. They can be used for a long time. Henle’s loop and the how do different… Read More »