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Grünenthal and King’s College London collaborate to develop human induced pluripotent stem cell-based microfluidic cultures for pain research

• Dr Ramin Raouf from King’s College London and Grünenthal strive to develop reliable microfluidic culture models relevant for pain research based on human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons• Grünenthal has expertise in developing human induced pluripotent stem cells towards sensory neurones and will support the lab of Dr Raouf with a total consideration of… Read More »

What can cause exercise induced asthma

Muñoz PA, Gómez FP, Manrique HA, Roca J, Barberà JA, What can cause exercise induced asthma IH, et al. Wear a scarf over the nose and mouth when exercising outdoors during the colder months or when pollen counts are high. It only takes learning asthma breathing exercises to overcome different kinds of asthma problems, and… Read More »