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PM plea to Queensland: don’t wait for jab

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is urging Queenslanders, particularly older people, not to wait for another potential COVID-19 outbreak before getting their vaccine. Queensland declared parts of regional NSW hotspots on Thursday, including Orange, Blayney, and Cabonne, as the government acted to stop the spread of the Delta variant into the state. The prime minister stressed… Read More »

A “wait and see” approach to COVID-19 vaccines may derail our recovery

The first clinical trial administration of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine took place over a year ago, on March 16.  An annus horribilis of masks, remote schooling, unemployment, loneliness, and depression ensued, leaving in its wake more than a half-million deaths in the U.S. — 2.9 million globally. Will vaccines save us? We have ample reason… Read More »