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More Reasons to Avoid ‘Beyond’ Fake Meat

This article was previously published October 7, 2020, and has been updated with new information. Beyond Meat is one of a handful of companies flooding the market with plant-based burgers and other fake meat products, billing them as a healthy, environmentally friendly alternative. But before you fall for the marketing hype, be aware that these… Read More »

Arthritis warning: Two drinks to avoid – they can trigger painful symptoms

According to researchers from the division of rheumatology, immunology and allergy at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, America, the drinks you choose to consume could be having an effect on your arthritis. Zoning in on rheumatoid arthritis in particular, 217 subjects who were mailed a diet survey reported that drinking soda made their symptoms feel worse.… Read More »

How.to.avoid.migraines on liquid diet

Research has found greater amounts of phenylethylamine and tyramine in people who suffer from chronic migraines. In other words, fasting can be a migraine trigger or a trigger for a diet headache disorder a fasting headache. Studies have shown migraine is a genetic disorder, however, environment, lifestyle, and diet can still play a large role… Read More »