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Scientists Find Antibodies That Neutralize All COVID Strains

Researchers at Tel Aviv University revealed two antibodies that are so effective at neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 — and all of its variants — that they believe the antibodies could serve as an “effective substitute for vaccines.”1 One of the glaring failures surrounding COVID-19 shots is their lack of effectiveness against emerging COVID-19 strains. By choosing the… Read More »

Swissdigital Design Launches Travel Gear Line with Apple Find My Network Support

January 4th, 2022. Swissdigital Design offers a travel line that works with Apple’s Find My app, allowing travellers to locate and keep track of their belongings in a secure and easy way. Swissdigital Design, a technology fashion premium brand, today announces its first line of travel gear, SDD Finding series, which works with Apple’s vast… Read More »

Home COVID-19 tests could help find people while they are contagious, experts say. Health Canada isn’t convinced

Article content continued “If it’s done in a haphazard way … you might actually create more problems, confusion than the actual benefits because you might get maybe a higher risk of false negative results,” Dr. Howard Njoo, Canada’s deputy chief public health officer, said Tuesday during a COVID-19 briefing. Morris wants the government to seriously… Read More »

Can find cholesterol test

Apolipoprotein E: From cardiovascular disease to neurodegenerative disorders”. Some find it difficult to do, others are even harmed by it, such as those who faint from fasting and people with diabetes who take medications to lower blood sugar. Some people will need treatments to manage their cholesterol There are different types of medicines and treatments… Read More »

Can find cholesterol supplement

This can help prevent gas and cramping. Type 2 diabetes: Experts agree this diet will keep blood sugar levels low – what is it? Despite niacin’s ability to raise HDL, recent research suggests that niacin therapy isn’t linked to lower rates of death, heart attack or stroke. There are common drugs and supplements that cause… Read More »

How to find out male infertility

However, you can avoid some known causes of male infertility. Determine alternatives — adoption or donor sperm or egg — as early as possible in the fertility process. Drug therapy may be used to treat hypogonadism and other hormonally related conditions. GYN and ask about your concerns and how to find out male infertility referral.… Read More »